CWE 465, a compact mini crane for materials lifting solutions

In a market with ever buzz increasing it is right trying to do a little bit of order. We have seen how the compact crane can be used to solve complex lifting problems. But, in front of the most suitable crane’s choice, one model worths the other? Although produced by the same company, each of the light mini crane plated BG Lift are born from an idea that makes the machine in question unique. Safety, compactness, ductility. Each cranes marketed excels in its field and to find out what we rely on an almost journalistic system analyzing What, Who, Where, When, How and Why of every BG Lift crane. Let’s go down in detail and discover today the 5 W of one of our favorite models, a compact mini crane for materials lifting solutions.

How to make a complete machine? Take inspiration from this mini compact crane, which is equipped with all the requirements to excel in any situation. It is easy to transport, simplifying even the most complicated interventions from the first step; It is extremely compact, so as not to fear comparisons with other machines on the market: It can be equipped with different accessories, making the flexibility one of its main strengths. Every detail has been taken care of with precision and attention in order to meet the requests of most demanding customers.

Let’s go through in more detail and find out Why choosing this type of compact mini cranes . For those that are looking for something new, this model provides greater mobility thanks to an additional third hydraulic articulated boom. A mechanical arm with several articulations, with double rod/wishbone system, that means have an infinite combination of hook’s positions, so as to easily overcome obstacles also inside buildings, where the spaces are never easier. The operator will have endless lifting solutions, but is not all. with a simple implementation at the end of the crane’s boom, add an aerial platform basket comply with EN280 legislations. This optional not only increases the alternative machine use, further enhance the investment.


We still haven’t told What: the model concerned is the CWE 465, the second example of a successful line. Well-rounded reliable and secure. This machine is the perfect tool for working in confined spaces which are difficult to access. Not only for its compact nature, but also because it mounts a 400 V three-phase electric motor (15 kW) coupled to a load sensing variable flow pump, which enables the crane, although at reduced speed, to make inside the buildings the movements allowed by the main diesel engine.

A compact mini crane for all materials lifting solutions couldn’t only be tailor-made for Who. For this reason, our designers have done a painstaking job on the remote control connect to the machine. The operator will have a soft and sensitive control, as in no other model. The remote control communicates in a simple and intuitive way, allowing also the less experienced to a precise use, and offers amazing features:

proportional and bidirectional, is optimized for the control of each function;
from one control console you can control the crawler, stabilizers and all the crane movements;
the display shows moment by moment, the load conditions of the crane, helping the operator to obtain the maximum performance in all conditions

The Where is easy to say. The CWE 465 is extremely easy to use inside and outside of each structure. The boom is hydraulic extended up to 32m and the width of crawler is of ONLY 1850mm. Features uncommonly which allow different materials lifting solutions anywhere: no one had ever seen on the market before a machine with such scope with so small size dimensions.

A compact mini crane has to be used When you are looking for secure performance and to be environmentally friendly. The diesel engine has a optimized consumption by electronic management, which delivers high performance with low emissions, in full compliance with the EU Stage III B standards emissions – US EPA Tier 4. Now, you don’t need to choose between Quality and ecology.

The CWE 465 by BG Lift offers you the best lifting solutions? Find out more details by downloading for free the brochure.