Earthquake upgrade of a building with a BG Lift’s compact mini crane

No work can and should be done carelessly. Each company, offering its services, brings into play the corporate image and, above all, takes a solemn commitment to its customers. Bad done work may have more or less serious consequences. The place where you live or work deserves the maximum effort and care. Each phase must be handled carefully and with the best resources available.

The materials lifting industry no make exception. About the importance of making the right choice for a work you can ask to Ruini Marco SAS, a rent company for yard material and compact mini cranes. To the company was asked to provide a machine that was able to work inside a farm situated in Cento (near Ferrara) for ensure the security of the facility.

Was required a compact mini crane for interior able to manage the movement and lifting of cages and panels that would go to form the building columns within which would be made the concrete pour; allowing the company to adapt to anti-seismic regulations required after the Emilia earthquake of 2012. Given the objective, inefficiencies were not eligible and absolutely unacceptable errors. What machine chose to such an important job?


Compactness in support of security, flexibility to the best possible service. That’s what the costumer probably thought seeing take the field, among the possible choices of compact mini crane for internal, exactly the Bg Lift 250 model. We have spoken in detail in past articles, but have a practical demonstration is even more convincing:

Ability to close the jib under the main boom with the winch rope armed, ensuring the operational readiness of the winch;
Patented stability system, using the electronic system for maximum lifting performance according to the adaptable positions of stabilizers on the ground;
2,2 Kw electric motor equipped by inverter, allow the use of a normal counter located in any house;
Hydraulic Jib with 195° opening and extending hydraulic system inside the booms;

To ensure the structure in which you spend most of your day, don’t you trust to machine with a complete characteristics and suitable for internal and external operations? the M250 model was involved in the handling and lifting of steel cages and panels for cover the column, ensure the security of the facility. The result exactly the desired, with great satisfaction of the costumer’s Ruini Marco SAS.

When a light and compact mini crane are needed for internal use, it is necessary to choose the model with the best performance. Don’t leave anything to the chance, download for free the technical details of M250 model and you will discover which is the machine that suit you.