Mini Crane made in Italy: question of values

The history of the lifting industry in Italy alternates moments of great pride to resounding failures. A complicated past, surprising present, a future full of expectations. As we have already heard in other spheres, this isn’t certainly the country of half measures.

With regard to the compact crane markets, some Italian companies are increasingly gaining a prominent place, offering a winning combination of quality, performance and price. But progress never leaves a closer look at the past. For many years the crane’s market was divided among foreign products – high-quality, high technology and higher prices – and Italian machines, that the variable quality and lack of support responded always with a very low price. It may seem strange if you look at the present, but for a long time no Italian had ever sat at the table of the largest in the sector.


We are, of course generalizing to take stock of the situation: there were and there are always a few exceptions to the rule. In any case, all this has had a breakthrough, and in recent years the Italian manufacturers have conquered a growing segment of the international market. What is surprising is that, to get to this U-turn, some companies have focused their quality and innovation, of which our country seemed to be short: and here, in recent times, it has come to speak of mini crane’s excellence made in Italy, competitive in all aspects.

The Italian compact cranes have already received articles in specialized journals and the appreciation of whole Europe. A great success after so much work. The companies initially had tried to stop the negative trend with simpler models, without venturing new ideas. It turned out, immediately clear that the heart of the Italian engineers were elsewhere. Tired to be satisfied with what such a merciless market could offer, he start to look for other values besides the price – to which he had become accustomed to submit. They were glimpsed of the strong points on which to focus: as the ductility, when the industry was still lacking, or as security, to which no customer is willing to renounce.


The mini crane made in Italy are the daughters of a process so complex that it is hard to believe the simplicity with which to meet the daily lifting problems. There is no more limit to what the Italian crane can do. These machines have become a new emblem of great performance at a low prices, deserving to be among the industry of our country. But we are still just at the beginning. If these are the conditions, the future of our industry seems to be more and more Italian.

If you are interested in find out more about the mini crane made in Italy, we offer you for free the technical specifications of the model M 300, one of the latest products of our national market.

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