Big Compact Crane

CWE 315

Dimensions ( h × w × l )
2,43 × 1,62 × 4,70 m
10000 kg
Lifting capacity
9715 kg
Max outreach with Jib 4S
26,35 m
Maximum lifting height with hydraulic Jib 4S (from the ground)
29,2 m
Maximum lifting height (underground)
-53 m

CWE 315

High Performance in Tight Space

The brilliant crane, with performances that until now were considered impossible.
CWE 315 is an exclusive project of BG LIFT,born from the need to create a compact and light crane, but at the same time strong and powerful as his colleagues of higher dimensions. The results? More than 26 meters of horizontal outreach and almost 10 Ton of maximum lifting capacity in a reduced chassis, agile and extremely maneuverable

Technical specifications CWE 315

Max capacity 9715 Kg / 2,70 m
Max outreach (6S version) 16,79 m
Max outreach with Jib (version 6S+JIB 4S) 26,35 m
Max hook height (6S version) 20 m
Max hook height with Jib (version 6S+JIB 4S) 29,2 m
Slewing angle-speed Continuous / 1,5 rpm
Winch First layer pull 1900 Kg
Rope lenght 60 m
Speed in direct pull 50 m / min.
Radio remote control Steady Can-Bus + Color display
Stability control Electronic
Stability system Dynamic stability area calculation
Cpu controlled
Weights Standard crane (6S Version): 10000 Kg
Jib (4S): 605 kg
Electric motor: 15Kw/400 V - 200 kg
Winch: 220 kg
Mobile ballast : 3800 kg
Rubber pads: 135 kg
Crawler crane traction Trasmission: Moto-reducer
Scope: 160 l
Pressure: 225 Bar
Speed: 1,2 - 2,2 K/h
Max slope degree: 25°
Max pressure on the ground: 1,05 Kg/Cm²
Traks width: 350 mm
Max. outrigger load: 18000 daN
Diesel engine Brand: Yanmar
Model: 4TNV98CT-N STAGE 5
Max power: 55 Kw - 74,8 Hp
Max torque: 291 Nm
Tank capacity: 75 l

Loading tables


Technologies installed

Every Function Under Control
The remote control with display for integrated control displays all the parameters in real time.
No Limits Rotation
Infinite unobstructed rotation thanks to the ballast-free boom.

Always Ready to Work
“X” frame that makes it possible to work with the outriggers within gauge and with the minimum clearance.
Easy To Drive
It can stabilise and work on rough terrain.
Load & Transport
The compactness and the wide ground clearance angle allows the crane to be loaded using Short ramp.
Jib Over Line
Noteworthy Jib Length and Load.

Eletric Engine Always Allowed
15 Kw Three Phases Electric Engine, 400V inverter controlled.


Sloping Stabilization
The outriggers of CWE 315 Range, Provided With Cross Beams System, confer to the Crane Chassis an incomparable torsion resistance always keeping extremely Compact the machine Dimensions in rest position.The outriggers cylinders, solid with extended stroke, Simplify the Crane Endurance on strongly steep grounds.

Load Management
A large Employment of high enervation limit special steels, such as STRENX 1300, allow to limit the weight in order to take advantage of the performance; especially with more external loads on the top of the Jib.

The generous ground clearance angle permit to load the machine as well on truck with short ramps; simplifying the manoeuvres and optimizing loading time.

“Short ray” Performance
CWE 315 is Built with very low barycentres which, combined to the Cross Beams Geometry, Permit to develop the full power and cover heavy and voluminous loads (Machines Tools and other) operating close to the load in reduced spaces and heights.

Load Limit Stability (Progress)
The integrated control system give to the Crane infinite Stabilization possibilities, Automatically upgrading the load limiting device to the situation determined by the position of each outriggers; permitting the operator to completely work in safety conditions and, simultaneously, setting configurations unthinkable until today.

Positive Angle for Hard Access
The second Articulated Telescopic Boom and the Hydraulic Jib have angular operating system respectively of 15° and 20° Over the Horizontal alignment of the boom.This situation allow to operate inside buildings and give the possibility to overcome obstacles such as lofts, front door and Beams.

Standard equipment

  • Radio remote control with display for crawler, chassis and crane function.
  • Continuous rotation
  • Links on all the crane articulations
  • Variable speed oil fan cooler
  • Predisposition for winch installation
  • Predisposition for Jib Installation
  • Predisposition for two man baskets installation
  • Outriggers continuous variations Control system
  • Removable ballast
  • Two speed crawler translation
  • Engine manual rpm increment
  • N° 4 lifting connections
  • N° 4 removable outriggers plates
  • Electronic limiting device
  • Auto diagnostic
  • Crane color yellow RAL 1007
  • Crawler color black RAL 9005
  • According to EN12999.

Optional equipment

  • Scanreco Can-Bus + display
  • Hydraulic Jib with opening up to 200°
  • Quick-faster hydraulic connection
  • Hydraulic line for accessorize
  • Manual extensions
  • Lowered hook connections
  • Lowered connections for vacuum glass lifters
  • Two man capacity baskets CE
  • Direct pull winch up to 4th fall
  • Vacuum glass lifters
  • Working LED lightson the boom
  • Working LED lightson the crawler
  • Towing winch
  • Electric generator
  • Removable large box
  • Removable loading flat bed
  • Three phases electric engine15 Kw/400 V with inverter
  • Bigger plates for outriggers
  • LED lights for outriggers
  • Rubber pads
  • No marking rubber pads
  • Green oil
  • RACE
  • DLC
  • SENSE.

BG Lift Expericence

Field experiences with the CWE 315 crane