Mini Compact Crane

M 060 Pick and Carry

Dimensions ( h × w × l )
1,44 × 0,78 × 1,78 m
Weight (excluding accesories)
720 kg + 200 kg ballast
Lifting capacity
580 kg
Maximum working radius
3,01 m
Maximum lifting height with hydraulic Jib (from the ground)
4,25 m
Maximum lifting height (underground-winch)
-34 m

M 060


M 060 a Baby Design and Engineering Masterpiece.
The “Pick and Carry” mini crane provided with (50°) rotation.Extremely compact and ergonomic. Designed by BG LIFT Team to confer agility, robustness and to be used in narrow spaces and access.Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.The restrained weight allows the crane to operate on the base floor of upper levels, totally in compliance with the regulations.

Technical specifications M 060

Max capacity 580 Kg / 1,3 m
Max outreach 3,01 m
Max hook height 4,25 m
Rotation speed 25° + 25°
Winch (optional) First layer pull: 500 Kg
Rope lenght: 36 m
Speed in direct pull: 42 m / min
Radio remote control Scanreco Can-Bus + Display
Stability control Electrohydraulic
Weights Standard crane: 720 + 200 Kg ballast
Electric motor: 40 kg
Winch: 28 kg
Crawler Crane Traction Trasmission: Moto-reducer
Scope: 30 l/min
Pressure: 150 Bar
Speed: 0 - 2 Km/h
Max slope degree: 20°
Max pressure on the ground: 0,25 Kg/cm²
Thermal Engine Max power: 8,7 kw - 11,7 Hp
Max torque: 26,5 Nm
Tank capacity: 6 l
Electric Engine Power supply: 230 V
Power: 2,2 Kw + inverter

Loading tables


Technologies installed

Electric Engine Always Allowed.
2.2 Kw Mono Phases Electric Engine, 230V inverter controlled.
50° Rotation.
The rotation allows precise and delicate positioning of the load
Fully Hydraulic Extensions.
The two completely hydraulic extensions, mounted inside the boom, allow the sequential exit of the extensions, reducing the obstructions.
Exchangeable System.
The equipment exchangeability confer to the machine further employment possibilities.

Standard equipment

  • Radio remote control with LCD display for crawler, chassis and crane function
  • 50° crane rotation
  • Predisposition for winch installation
  • Two speed crawler translation
  • Extendable crawler
  • Manual endothermic engine rpm increment
  • N° 2 lifting connections
  • Electrohydraulic limiting device
  • According to EN12999

Optional equipment

  • Scanreco radio remote control crane function
  • 500 Kg hydraulic winch
  • Lowered hook connections
  • Working LED light on the main boom
  • Mono phase electric engine 2,2 kW/230V with inverter
  • No marking rubber pads
  • Green oil