Medium Compact Crane

M 250

Dimensions ( h × w × l )
1,76 × 0,78 × 3,24 m
2420 kg
Lifting capacity
2500 kg
Max outreach with hydraulic Jib (optional)
12,85 m
Maximum lifting height with hydraulic Jib (from the ground)
16,00 m
Maximum lifting height (underground)
-62,5 m

M 250


M 250, the attention given to the study of shapes and the exclusive line design.
The aesthetic and functional harmony in a great technological project. A solid crane, equipped with advanced technologies, top quality materials and components, to obtain the best overall performance. Built for indoor and outdoor use in limited spaces and hardly accessible buildings. The dimensions and lightweight, combined to millimetric precision manoeuvrability, allow quick and less invasive operations.

Technical specifications M 250

Max capacity 2500 Kg / 1,5 m
Max outreach 8,43 m
Max outreach with hydraulic Jib (optional) 12,85 m
Max hook height 10,40 m
Max hook height with hydraulic Jib 16,00 m
Slewing angle-speed Continuous / 1,5 rpm
Winch(optional) First layer pull 900 Kg
Rope lenght 65 m
Speed in direct pull 47 m / min.
Radio remote control Scanreco Can-Bus + Display
Stability control Electronic
Stability system 24 different position - Max 4155x4300
Weights Standard crane: 2420 Kg
Jib: 210 kg
Electric engine: 40 kg
Winch: 65 kg
Crawler Crane Traction Trasmission: Moto-reducer
Scope: 50 l
Pressure: 170 Bar
Speed: 0 - 2 K/h
Max slope degree: 25°
Max pressure on the ground: 0,47 Kg/Cm²
Diesel Engine Brand: Yanmar
Model: 3TNV70
Max power: 16.3 kw - 22.2 Hp
Max torque: 48 Nm
Tank capacity: 13 l

Loading tables


Technologies installed

Electric Engine Always Allowed
2,2Kw Mono phase electric engine, 230V Inverter controlled.
Electronic control system
The integrated control system give to the crane the capabilities of automatically upgrading the load limiting device to the situation determined by the position of each outriggers; permitting the operator to completely work in safety conditions.
No Limits
Easy to operate, around and over obstacles, thanks to the ”ballast free” boom.
Jib Over Line
+15° Jib to overtake beyond obstacles.
Jib Ready to Use
Always “Ready to operate” folded hydraulic jib under the main boom.

Standard equipment

  • Radio remote control with display for crawler, chassis and crane function.
  • Continuous rotation
  • Predisposition for winch Installation
  • Predisposition for Jib Installation
  • Outrigger with different stability position
  • Automatic stabilization
  • Two Speed Crawler Translation
  • extendable Crawler
  • N° 2 working LED lamps on the crawler
  • Engine manual Rpm increment
  • N° 4 Lifting Connections
  • Electronic Limiting Device
  • Auto diagnostic
  • Crane Color Black RAL 9005
  • Cylinders color orange
  • According To EN13000
  • BG Connect.

Optional equipment

  • 900 Kg hydraulic winch
  • Lowered hook connections
  • Third line pull pulleys
  • Working LED lights on the boom and Jib
  • Hydraulic Jib with opening up to 195°
  • Mono phase electric engine 2,2 Kw/230 V with inverter
  • Automatic engine rpm increment
  • No marking rubber pads
  • Two man capacity baskets CE
  • Plates for outriggers
  • Green oil
  • Automatic closing.