Medium Compact Crane

M 400 Pick and Carry

Dimensions ( h × w × l )
1,96 × 1,20 × 4,25 m
Weight (excluding accesories)
4300 kg
Lifting capacity
4000 kg
Maximum outreach with hydraulic Jib (optional)
17,00 m
Maximum lifting height with hydraulic Jib (from the ground)
21,10 m
Maximum lifting height (underground-winch)
-53,5 m

M 400


M 400 is not only an amazing compact crawler crane, but also a tireless Pick & Carry Crane able to moves with millimetric precision in very narrow spaces and raising up to 1,6 Ton.
Two cranes in one and more: the innovative technology of the double cross beam outriggers confer to the crane greater positioning chance, thus facilitating the use in operating situations considered for a long time impossible. The dimensions and lightweight, combined to millimetric precision maneuverability, reduce enormously the operating time increasing the quality guaranteeing the total safety.

Technical specifications M 400

Max capacity 4000 Kg / 2 m
Max outreach 12,10 m
Max outreach with hydraulic Jib (optional) 17,00 m
Max hook height 14,80 m
Max hook height with Jib (optional) 21,10 m
Slewing angle / Rotation speed Continuous / 1 rpm
Winch (optional) First layer pull: 1000 Kg
Rope lenght: 60 m
Speed in direct pull: 47 m / min
Radio remote control Scanreco Can-Bus + Display
Stability control Electronic
Stability system Max 4490x4570
Weights Standard crane: 4300 Kg
Jib : 230 Kg
Electric motor: 40 kg
Winch: 65 kg
Mobile ballast (Pick & Carry): 300 kg
Crawler crane traction Trasmission: Moto-reducer
Scope: 55 l/min
Pressure: 200 Bar
Speed: 0 - 2 Km/h
Max slope degree: 25°
Max pressure on the ground: 0,41 Kg/cm²
Thermal engine Max power: 18.9 kw - 25.7 Hp
Max torque: 64 Nm
Tank capacity: 25 l
Electric engine Electric engine
Power supply: 400 V
Power: 5,5 Kw
Electric engine with lithium battery
Power supply: 48 V
Battery capacity: 200 Ah
Power: 8,5 W - 12 Hp

Loading tables


Technologies installed

Every function under control
The multifunction proportional radio control provided with an integrated control display, permits as well to verify in real time all the parameters of the machine.
Smart Stability Control
The integrated control system allows the crane to automatically adapt its load capacity according to the position of each outriggers calculating for every single position the optimal performance.
No limits rotation
Easy to operate, around and over obstacles, thanks to the ”ballast free” boom.
Always Ready to Work
The “X” configuration allows to operate with narrow outriggers and minimum obstruction.
Easy To Drive
The Machine can level and operate on steep grounds.
Jib Over Line
+15° Jib to overtake beyond obstacles
Jib Ready to use
Always “Ready to operate” folded hydraulic jib under the main boom.

Bi-Energy Plug-In
Double power supply system. Diesel engine and electric engine powered by a
Plug-In Lithium battery.

Standard equipment

  • Radio remote control with LCD display for crawler, chassis and crane function
  • Continuous rotation
  • Predisposition for winch installation
  • Predisposition for Jib installation
  • Outriggers continuous variations control system
  • Automatic stabilization
  • Two speed crawler translation
  • Manual endothermic engine rpm increment
  • N° 4 Lifting connections
  • Electronic limiting device
  • Auto diagnostic
  • According to EN13000
  • BG Connect
  • Smart Stability Control (SSC)

Optional equipment

  • 1000 Kg hydraulic winch
  • Lowered hook connections
  • Fourth, third line pull pulleys
  • Plates for outriggers
  • Working LED light on the main boom
  • Working LED light on the Jib
  • N° 4 Working LED lights on the crawler
  • Hydraulic Jib with opening up to 195°
  • Three phases electric engine 5,5 kW/400 V
  • Automatic endothermic engine rpm increment
  • No marking rubber pads
  • Two man baskets capacity CE
  • LED lights for outriggers
  • Green oil
  • Automatic crane closing
  • Electric engine with lithium battery