The new T250: a performance Mobile Crane fitted on 3.5 TON Truck

It’s finally time to discover the last Bg Lift news. To the wide range of compact mini crane and mini crawler crane, has been added the new model T250. Submitted to the SaMoTer Exhibition, this is a very Performance Mobile Crane fitted on 3.5 TON Truck, a Mobile Crane which promises to become one of the Jewel of the industry.

Our designers and builders wanted to break the pattern again. The Mobile Crane T250 goes to enrich the list of the solutions to any Lifting Problem. In addition to the extraordinary low Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), this new crane has caracteristics out of the ordinary:

Extremely Compact, Thanks to incredibly Small Measures (1.720 x 2.150 x 4.800 mm);
Ductility without comparison, with a removable Hydraulic Jib it’s possible go up to 16 m high with 600 Kg scope;
Guaranteed success, Considering that it is equipped with a winch that is able to load 1000 Kg in direct pull and the addiction possibility of three line pulleys;
Unlimited uses, thanks to the Hydraulic Jib With 195° opening.

Thanks to its features, the T250 Model is suitable for any type of work, building to the industry , ensuring Excellent performance and really reduce costs.

To Discover all the details of this Mini Mobile Crane , download now for free our data sheet.